Democracy, Peace and Security

The Democracy, Peace, and Security program acknowledges that violent conflicts and political insecurity have hampered Africa's democratic and developmental potential. The echoes of conflicts in the late 20th century earned Africa an unfortunate label of a "hopeless continent" by some scholars in 2000. In response, our program aims to strategically initiate activities to deepen democratic governance, facilitate conflict resolution, and promote peace in Africa, with a particular focus on Eastern and Southern Africa.

Program Objectives:

The program operates on the premise that there is a critical connection between peace, democracy, and sustainable development. The strategic objective is to strengthen Democracy and Security Institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa, achieved through:

  • Strengthening National Democracy Institutions: Facilitate the review of laws and policies on governance; influence the formulation processes of legal and policy frameworks; build capacity for legal and policy reforms; enhance the effectiveness of democratic institutions through research, training, and inter-institutional partnerships; and strengthen Government-Opposition relations by facilitating interparty dialogues.
  • Strengthening Security Sector in Uganda: Recognize the pivotal role of effective security institutions in maintaining internal peace, ensuring national security, and protecting against external aggression; Promote good relations between security institutions and the civilian population; Focusing on civil-military relations through research, analysis, and organizing joint activities; and address police accountability through facilitating community policing activities.
  • Supporting Regional Peace Processes and Regional Security: Contribute to regional peace and security through research, analysis, mediation in regional peace processes, and organizing regional security platforms as well as Supporting the establishment of cross-border platforms.


The program recognizes that the achievement of democracy and peace is intertwined with building robust national institutions, fostering positive civil-military relations, and actively participating in regional initiatives. By addressing these key areas, the program aspires to create an environment where democratic rights are protected, conflicts are resolved through dialogue, and sustainable peace and security prevail for the benefit of citizens and economic development.

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