Issue 9 | April 18, 2020


Introducing the Ninth Issue of the CBEG Economic Briefer

Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha, Executive Director | @ACODE_Uganda

Greetings from the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) and welcome to the ninth Issue of our Economic Briefer! This Issue of the Briefer comes at a time when most of the world is under lockdown due to covid-19. Nonetheless, it is my great pleasure to present to you our ninth issue of our Economic Briefer that addresses the contemporary challenge of the century - the socioeconomic effect of covid-19 (If you missed Issue 8, find it here). . . . Read More


Impact of Covid-19 on Africa – A Call for Immediate and Responsive Action

By Enock Nyorekwa Twinoburyo (PhD) | Guest @ACODE_Uganda

It is no longer guess work, on the impact of the COVID19. The global recession is upon us and could get worse owing to the length of spread and containment of it. UN estimates USD 2 trillion shortfall in global income in 2020. The longer, the more protracted, the more likely an economic depression may manifest as households and businesses are expected to run into bankruptcies. At our hands, we have no vaccine in near time (1-2 years) and the confirmed cases growing still. As of 2nd April, the number of confirmed cases is expected to reach of 1 million by end of day, from just 182,000 confirmed cases on the 16th March. The deaths expected to reach nearly 40,000 from as low as 7200 over the corresponding period. Despite, the rapid response mechanisms seen all over, uncertainty on length of time it will take to yield successful control of spread predominates. . . . Read More


The Potential Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Kenya

By Jason Rosario Braganza | Guest | @ACODE_Uganda

The Covid-19 or coronavirus was first reported in late December 2019. Since then, Covid-19 has become a global pandemic with confirmed cases and deaths across 206 countries. The spread of the virus has led to unprecedented actions by countries globally including border closures, quarantines, curfews, and so on, not seen since the Second World War, in a bid to slow down the global contagion that is already underway in Europe, Americas, and now Africa. In Kenya, as of 1st April 2020 there were 81 confirmed cases of Covid-19. (Source: Ministry of Health, Kenya, 1st April 2020).. . . Read More


Covid-19 Policy Considerations for Uganda’s National Budget

By Emmanuel Keith Kisaame | Research Fellow, @ACODE_Uganda

In December 2019 when the National Budget Framework Paper (NBFP FY 2020/21) was published, the world had barely heard of Covid-19 except for the reportedly stifled account of Dr. Li Wenliang (RIP). At the end of January 2020, this viral disease had not even been given an official name. Three months later and majority of the world is under lockdown with a potential economic recession looming. While it is understandable that the preparation of the NBFP FY 2020/21 took no Covid-19 considerations into account, it would difficult to understand if Uganda took no such considerations into account in its approved FY 2020/21 budget – especially now that Parliament is scrutinizing the draft budget. So what are some of these key considerations?. . . Read More


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