Issue 8 | December 20, 2019


Introducing the Eighth Issue of the CBEG Economic Briefer

Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha, Executive Director | @ACODE_Uganda

Season’s greetings from the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE)! As we head into this year’s festive season, it is my great pleasure to present to you our eighth issue of the ACODE’s Economic Briefer; for the period December 2019 – February 2020. In this issue, we provide alternative policy ideas on contemporary economic issues on Uganda’s economy and in deed the entire East and Southern Africa sub-regions (click here to read the previous issue). . . . Read More


Unlocking Uganda’s Growth Potential in the Digital Era

By Keith Muhakanizi | PS/Secretary to the Treasury | Ministry of Finance, Planning an Economic Development

The “Digital Era” refers to a time in which there is widespread, ready and easy access to, sharing of, and use of information (knowledge) in electronically accessible (i.e., digitized) form, in economic activities. Uganda’s third National Development Planning (NDP III) framework identifies digital transformation and particularly ICT as one of the economic development pillars required to gain national competitive advantage. The advent of the “Digital Era” can bring about a permanent increase in productivity and hence potential output. By taking advantage of the reduction in costs brought about by the ICT revolution, greater output can be produced with the same level of or less inputs. Therefore, in the digital era, the rate of growth of real output is likely to be higher than previously. . . . Read More


Digital Economy: A Game-Changer for Africa's Development

Robert Nsubuga | Information Officer | ACODE | @robert_nsubuga

The global digital economy estimated at US$11.5 trillion, offers enormous opportunity for the African continent to leapfrog its development agenda to improve lives of both the present and future generations. Whereas African countries currently share less that 1% of this global economy, the continent has a lot of potential to tap into the benefits of this economy.. . . Read More


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