Issue 7 | August 23, 2019


Introducing the Seventh Issue of the CBEG Economic Briefer

Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha, Executive Director | @ACODE_Uganda

Warm greetings from the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE)! Consistent with our quarterly release of the CBEG Economic Briefer, it is with great pleasure that I present to you our sixth issue. The Briefer provides alternative policy ideas on contemporary economic issues in Uganda, as well as the East and Southern regions of Africa on a quarterly basis (click here to read the previous issue). . . . Read More


Demographic change matters for growth and job creation

By Enock Nyorekwa Twinoburyo (PhD) |Senior Economist |SDG Centre for Africa

Africa is the only continent yet to undergo a demographic transition, with a population structure that has not changed since the 1970s. This is contrary to the experience of the Asian Tigers and China which have experienced major growth in job creation over the same period. The proportion of total working-age population on the continent has declined despite a rapidly growing population– indicating labour growth is not keeping up with the population growth. In Uganda for instance, there are approximately 140 babies born every hour which poses a major challenge to job creation both now and in the near future. . . . Read More


East Africa needs to Cut Costs of Doing Business and Nurture Industrial Skills to Spur Jobs

Anne Gitonga-Karuoro, Adan G. Shibia and Moses Njenga (PhD) |Senior Policy Analysts |KIPPRA | @ACODE_Uganda

The East African Community (EAC) has over the last two decades experienced relatively high economic growth, but disproportionately high unemployment rates, especially among the youth. Countries such as Kenya need to accelerate policy efforts to address costs of doing business, market access and industrial skills development if their quest for industrialisation is to be realised. . . Read More


Critical Issues Uganda Should Address to Industrialise

By Susan Kavuma, PhD |Research Associate |ACODE | @ACODE_Uganda

Over the period 2019 to 2024, Uganda is pursuing industrialisation to create jobs and ultimately attain shared prosperity. Government of Uganda has committed to promoting industrialisation through pursuing import substitution and export promotion strategies. In particular, Uganda must address issues income inequality which would lead to a more equitable distribution of income that can boost domestic demand required to create a market for industrial products. . . Read More


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