Issue 11 | August 25, 2020


Introducing the Eleventh Issue of the CBEG Economic Briefer

Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha, Executive Director | @ACODE_Uganda

Greetings from the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) and welcome to the 11th Issue of our Economic Briefer! This Issue of the Briefer is addressing economic recovery measures for developing countries such as Uganda (If you missed Issue 10, find it here). . . . Read More


The Impact of Coronavirus on Uganda's Economy and Government Policy Responses

By Mr. Keith Muhakanizi | PSST, Ministry of Finance @mofpedU

The economic and financial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic continues to be felt across the world leading to uncertainty and damaging near-term economic prospects. Many countries face a multi-layered crisis comprising a health shock, domestic economic disruptions, revenue shortfalls, plummeting external demand, capital flow reversals, and a collapse in commodity prices. In Uganda, the effects are most keenly felt through disruption to key service sectors such as tourism and hotels, while manufacturing and trade activities are affected by disruptions to supply chains. Furthermore, foreign direct investment inflows take a hit as liquidity dries-up in the global financial markets. . . . Read More


Mitigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Uganda’s Economy: Vulnerability perspective

By Dr Susan Kavuma | Research Associate | @ACODE_Uganda

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a twin problem of a health and economic shock. On the health front, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has indicated that older persons aged 60 years and above or persons with underlying health conditions such as lung or heart disease or diabetes or HIV/AIDS that affects their immune system are at a higher risk of dying when they contract the corona virus. Consequently, the WHO has advised that such categories of people require health interventions that can either boost their immune system or quickly deal with the pandemic. The immunity system can be enhanced through proper nutrition and drinking of sufficient water. Similarly, such categories of people should form the priority list for testing for COVID-19 to address the health condition before it gets worse.. . . Read More


Economic Vulnerability in Uganda's Oil and Gas Sector amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

By Joseph Mukasa Ngubwagye | Senior Research Fellow, @ACODE_Uganda

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges across all aspects of society. Healthcare systems have been strained, schools closed, and economies constrained. The energy sector has not been spared. Travel and transport restrictions, in a bid to contain the spread of the virus across the world, have led to a record global drop in the oil demand since 1995. While the World Bank had predicted a rise of 1.2 percent for the year 2020 , the global oil demand has dropped and is expected to fall at an average of 9.3 percent . During the first quarter of the year 2020, oil demand fell so sharply, leading to a record negative trade on the world market. . . Read More


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