Citizen Monitor Mobile Application

    The Citizen Monitor Mobile App is an innovation of ACODE developed to strengthen the demand-side of accountability in Uganda. The Citizen Monitor Mobile App solicits feedback on public services from citizens. With this App, we provide a voice to share both positive and negative experiences online with far reaching audiences. Get involved, speak up about public service delivery and lets all hold duty bearers' accountable.

    Why send feedback on service delivery?

    Feedback on service delivery from citizens is critical for improving the quality of public services including education, health, roads, agriculture to mention a few. For the first time in Uganda, responding to feedback from citizens by accounting officers is mandatory. Performance of the accounting officers will be assessed based on, among other things, responding to feedback from citizens. Feedback sent using this App will be sent to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development for appropriate action.

    How to Get the Mobile App on your Phone

    You can download the Citizen Monitor Mobile App here or visit Google Play Store and search for "Citizen Monitor". You will verify that it's the right app, if you find it branded with the ACODE logo. For inquiries, please get in-touch with our support team.