Strategic Plan 2008 - 2018

The formation of ACODE in 2000 was driven by the need to establish a premier independent public policy think tank in Africa designed primarily to bridge the disconnect between public policy, policy outreach and policy implementation. Throughout the development of the human race, independent knowledge and advice has enabled public policies that stimulate the production of tools, knowledge and technologies that enable man to tame nature, transform societies and build an enduring democratic dispensation. Yet, institutions that are fully engaged in the production and dissemination of independent and alternative policy ideas are only beginning to emerge in African countries.

As the saying goes, the journey of 1000 miles starts with one step. This is why after the successful implementation of the 5 Year Programme of Work (2003-2007), we are pleased to present to you ACODE’s 10 Year Strategic Plan which will form the basis of the organization’s work programme for the next 10 years. This 10 Year Strategic Plan and Programme of Work was adopted by the Board at its meeting that took place in Kampala, Uganda, in December 2007.

This Strategic Plan is a product of concerted efforts by the Board, the Secretariat and our major partners in the public and private sector, civil society organizations and development partners. The Board is indebted to all those who in one way or another helped shape the future programmatic and institutional direction of ACODE by contributing to this Strategic Plan. Download full text here.