Science, Technology and Innovation

    Globally, the role of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) as an engine of development has been underscored. ACODE recognizes the low techno-logical innovation capabilities of productive sectors in Uganda and Africa and appreciates that the few available STI policies are not evidence-based and understands that there is limited use of evidence in related decision making. This programme works towards building capacity of government and regional institutions to promote enabling policies which harness science, technology and innovation in the agricultural sector to spur economic development and food security. The programme seeks to contribute to localisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 9 that addresses the need for investment in technology, scientific research, infrastructure and innovation, as crucial drivers of economic growth and development.

    The strategic objective of the program is to promote the application of Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development in the Eastern and Southern Africa sub regions. This will be achieved through: i) access and adoption of appropriate technologies in the agricultural sector, ii) increase in agricultural productivity and improved livelihoods, and iii) strong legal and policy framework for STI in agricultural sector. The programme research work covers access to and adoption of appropriate technologies in the agricultural sector, seed systems, food security, technology transfer, and Intellectual Property.