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Dr. Russell Rhoads

RhoadsDr. Russell Rhoads (Grand Valley State University) (Ph.D. Kentucky 1994; MA Oregon 1984) is a cultural and applied anthropologist with specialties in agricultural anthropology, globalization and development, migration and resettlement, and anthropological methods. He conducted fieldwork in Mexico, Venezuela, Sierra Leone and Uganda on the intersection between local livelihood and national institutions and policy. Recent research focuses on resettlement and land acquisition in Uganda, refugee cultural adjustment in the U.S., and food security and farmers markets, Dr. Rhoads was a Fulbright Scholar on sabbatical leave in Uganda (2014-2015), partnering with a research and policy institute (ACODE) and with Makerere University in Kampala. He currently serves as a Research Associate at ACODE.
Email: russ.rhoads@acode-u.org


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