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This database provides budget data and makes it easy for users to navigate and use. ACODE recognises that public access to budget information is essential to accountability and key in achieving its objective of raising budget civic consciousness of the citizens of Uganda. ACODE’s commitment to openness derives from the desire to build the demand side of accountability and ensuring that public policy including expenditure benefits the people. Search database>>

Mobile App

The Citizen Monitor Mobile App is an innovation of ACODE aimed at strengthening the demand side of accountability in Uganda. The Mobile App is designed to solicit feedback on public services from citizens in Uganda. With the Citizen Monitor Mobile App we provide a voice to share both positive and negative experiences online with far reaching audiences. Get involved, speak up about public service delivery and lets all hold duty bearers accountable. Use App>>

SMS Platform

This Platform is providing a method for citizens to send anonymous feedback to their district councillors about public service deficiencies in their villages and towns. Ultimately, the SMS Platform hopes that opening a new channel for constituents to communicate with their respective district councillors will improve local government service delivery and councillor performance. Citizens who are eligible to vote are free to send messages in their local languages. View SMS here>>

Search database

The SMS Platform provides a method to bridge the communication gap between citizens and their government at all levels. Ultimately, the SMS Platform hopes that opening a new channel for citizens to actively participate in the affairs of their country will promote the demand-side of accountability in management of public affairs. Citizens are free to send messages in their local languages Subscribe here>>