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Peace and Democracy Programme

The Peace and Democracy Programme seeks to promote democratic governance, peaceful resolution of conflicts and economic development in Africa with special focus on Eastern and Southern Africa. Under this programme, ACODE has largely conducted evidence based research on on-going peace processes, regional security and natural resources conflicts and budget transparency and accountability and economic governance; decentralization and local governance as well as regional trade and regional integration. ACODE has also promoted national and regional security by supporting security sector reforms of the military and police forces. To this end, ACODE in partnership with regional security agencies organize an annual regional security roundtable attended by senior military, police and security agencies to discuss new and emerging regional security challenges and how to collectively respond to such challenges.

Through the Peace and Democracy programme, ACODE has also crafted strategic partnerships with Universities and other institutions to strengthen regional security mechanisms and infrastructure for peace in Africa. Such universities include Makerere University, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, University of Bradford, United Kingdom, Gulu University and Nkozi University, Rwanda Peace Academy among others to promote the peace research, the teaching and training of peace studies and human rights.

The programme objectives
  • To foster reforms in public administration expenditure;
  • To promote government opposition relations and support the growth of political parties; and
  • To support ongoing peace processes in the Great Lakes sub-region.
The programme focus
  • Promoting legal and political reforms that increase democratic space and enhance constitutionalism and rule of law;
  • Strengthen legislative representation through monitoring performance of leaders at all levels;
  • Supporting collective action by civil society organizations and citizen’s groups; and
  • Promoting peaceful resolution of conflicts by supporting on-going peace processes.
Current Projects under the Programme