Peace, Security and Democracy

    The violent and protracted conflicts that dominated the last decade of the 20th Century led to the description of Africa as a hopeless continent by some scholars and analysts in 2000. ACODE recognizes that these conflicts and political instability have undermined Africa's quest fordemocratic governance and economic development potentials. It is against this background thatACODE focuses on strategic initiatives aimed at deepening democratic governance, conflict resolution and peace building in Africa especially in the Eastern and Southern Africa. The programme is underpinned on the understanding that there is a nexus between peace and democracy and that the two reinforce each other. The programme focuses on policy options that contributes towards the localisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal no.16 that promotes peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

    The strategic objective of the program is to strengthen Democracy and Security Institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa. This will be achieved through: i) strengthening national political and administrative institutions, ii) supporting democratic, legal and policy reforms iii) supporting security sector reforms, and iv) supporting regional peacebuilding initiatives and institutions. Our research area covers decentralization and service delivery, regional security, peacebuilding, government-citizen engagement, and political accountability.