CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Activating the Potentials of Local Governance in Uganda

    This assessment points to the power of civic engagement to activate and ultimately realize the promise of decentralisation.

    While the adoption of the decentralization policy in Uganda in 1992 was billed as a panacea for solving most of the socio-economic, political and democratic challenges, its implementation has not been matched with the promise that had been anticipated. The enactment of the Local Government Act in 1997 was no doubt a major landmark in the country's quest for democratisation. However, decentralisation has witnessed major reversals in terms of recentralization of some key functions, underfunding of local governments, and districts' dependence on the centre for their financing. All of these limit their ability to undertake localized strategic planning and priority setting as envisaged by the policy.

    Publication Date: 04 Dec. 2017

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