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Innovation and Biotechnology Policy

Innovations and Biotechnology Policy Programme seeks to generate evidence based research and analysis and trigger policy debates on policy issues in agriculture, science and technology and innovations. For the last half a century, African countries have tried many approaches to development without achieving socio-economic transformation and human development. With very few exceptions, the majority of African countries have continued to experience slow economic growth despite wide-ranging reform efforts. Emerging initiatives at the national, regional and continental level provide new opportunities for evidence-based planning and decision-making in the areas of science, innovation and technology policy. ACODE believes that policies that promote innovation and technological capabilities hold the key to the structural transformation of African economies and societies.

The programme objectives
  • To promote science and technology policy development;
  • To promote pro-poor policies on intellectual property and technology transfer in health and agriculture; and
  • To promote the responsible development and application of agricultural biotechnology.
Current Projects under the Programme