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Rt. Rev. Dr. George William Tibeesigwa

TibeesigwaRt. Rev. Dr. Tibeesigwa is a member of the Board of Trustees he joined in 2015 and currently Coordinator of North Ankole Diocese University Project. He served as a Consultant on planning, development, management, leadership and Administration in Uganda Christian University, Advisor on community Welfare and development issues, senior presidential Advisor South Western Uganda, Chairman of Board HEPS Uganda, Eliphaz Laki Memorial Foundation, East Africa TEE and COU Provincial Build Committee and Chancellor Bishop Stuart University. He holds a Doctor of Ministry from Asian Centre for Theological Studies and mission/United University of ASIA, Master of Divinity University College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Psychology) University of Sackatchewan, Bachelor of Theology University College of Emmanuel and St. Chad.