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Ms Florence Kyalimpa

FlorenceMs Kyalimpa is a Research Associate under the Environmental Democracy Programme at ACODE. She is an Environmentalist with specialized training and practical knowledge in the management of Environment and Natural Resources, Environmental Impact Assessments, Climate Change Science and Negotiations, Sustainable Development among others. Florence holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science Technology and Management from Kyambogo University; post graduate qualifications in Oil and gas studies, Project Planning and Management, and currently undertaking a Master of Science in Water and Environmental Management at Loughborough University, UK under the Common Wealth Scholarship Programme.

Ms Kyalimpa has over four years working experience, including working with the World Wide fund for Nature (WWF) Uganda Country Office on its oil and gas project aimed at integrating environmental and social concerns in Uganda’s petroleum sector. She, among other things, coordinated the development of a compliance tool for monitoring oil and gas operations in the Albertine Graben for Environment Pillar Institutions like National Environment Management Authority (UWA), Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), National Forestry Authority (NFA) among others. She also has experience in civil society engagement, advocacy, lobbying for good governance in the Environment and Natural Resources Sector. Email: fkyalimpa