Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets are case studies published in a precise and concise formats with data presentation which emphasizes key points on a particular policy issue.

Ntambirweki, B., and Jones, E., Election Management and Electoral Violence Mitigation Ahead of 2016 Elections, Kampala, ACODE Infosheet No.37, 2016.

Ntambirweki, B., and Jones, E., Depreciation of the Uganda Shilling: Implications of the National Economy. ACODE Infosheet No.36, 2016.

Ntambirweki, B., and Jones, E., Electoral Violence, Peace and Security in the Great Lakes Region: The Case of Burundi. ACODE Infosheet No.35, 2016. Kampala.

Naluwairo, R., The Role of Local Leaders and Actors in Promoting Good Forest Governance in Uganda, Kampala, ACODE Infosheet No.34, 2015.

Transformation of Agriculture for Wealth Creation:Involvement of UPDF in NAADS Programme and its Effectiveness. ACODE Infosheet No.33, 2015.

Child Mortality in Uganda: What can we do to end it?. ACODE Infosheet No.30, 2015. Kampala.

Localization of Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. ACODE Infosheet No.29, 2014. Kampala.

Uganda Pension Liberalization: Implications for Workers. ACODE Infosheet No.28, 2014. Kampala.

East African Community Regional Integration: Opportunities and Challenges for Citizen Participation. ACODE Infosheet No.27, 2014. Kampala.

Youth Unemployment and Job Creation in Uganda: Opportunities and Challenges. ACODE Infosheet No.26, 2014. Kampala.

The Violent Conflict in South Sudan and Its Implications for Regional Peace and Security: Options for a Peaceful Settlement. ACODE Infosheet No.25, 2014. Kampala.

Improving the Health of Children in Uganda: Community and District Empowerment for Scale-up. ACODE Infosheet No.24, 2014. Kampala.

Review of the National Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill 2012. ACODE Infosheet No.24, 2014. Kampala.

Public Expenditure and Performance Profile of Uganda's Education Sector. ACODE Infosheet No.23, 2013. Kampala.

Where Can Citizens Report Service Delivery Issues? ACODE Infosheet No.22, 2013. Kampala.

Improving the Quality of Services at the Water Source: The Role of Different Actors. ACODE Infosheet No.21, 2013. Kampala.

Accounting for Public Funds: Performance of the Central Government on the Public Audit. ACODE Infosheet No.20, 2013. Kampala.

Problems of Standardisation, Specification and Monitoring of Road Works Implemented by Districts in Uganda. ACODE Infosheet No.19, 2013. Kampala.

Public Expenditure Profile for the Agricultural Sector. ACODE Infosheet No.18, 2013. Kampala.

Citizens' Budget Information Network: The Follow Your Money Campaign. ACODE Infosheet No.17, 2011. Kampala..

Understanding the Tax Dispute: Heritage, Tullow and the Government of Uganda. ACODE Infosheet No.16, 2011. Kampala.

Publish What You Pay: What a New US Law Means for Oil and Gas Governance in Uganda. ACODE Infosheet No.15, 2011. Kampala.

Status of Uganda's Oil and Gas Legislation. ACODE Infosheet No.14, 2011. Kampala.

Corporate Bribery Laws in the US and UK: What they Mean for Uganda's Oil Sector. ACODE Infosheet No.13, 2011. Kampala.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: A Necessity for Uganda. ACODE Infosheet No.12, 2011. Kampala.

Local Government Councils Score-Card Initiative: Strengthening Demand for Effective Public Service Delivery and Accountability through Independent Performance Assessment and Active Citizenship. ACODE Infosheet No.11, 2011. Kampala.

The Tragedy of Uganda's Healthcare System: The Case of Kawaala Health Center III, Kampala District. ACODE Infosheet No.10, 2011. Kampala.

The Tragedy of Uganda's Healthcare System: The Case of Paminya Health Center III, Nebbi District. ACODE Infosheet No.9, 2010. Kampala.

Where Do Our Tax Shillings Go?. ACODE Infosheet No.8, 2010. Kampala.

Farmers Petition to the President and Members of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, ACODE Infosheet No.7, 2009. Kampala.

Towards Plant Variety Protection in Uganda: Status and Imerging Issues. ACODE Infosheet No.6, 2008. Kampala.

Uganda and the Biotechnology Revolution: Update and Imerging Issues. ACODE Infosheet No.5, 2008. Kampala.

Status of Implementation of PP10 Activities in Uganda. ACODE Infosheet No.2, 2005. Kampala.

Government Plan to Degazette Pian Upe Game Reserve and its Implications. ACODE Infosheet No.1, 2005. Kampala.